Mickey Rourke Circling Tony Scott’s Next Two Films

Mickey RourkeSource: Deadline Hollywood

Mickey Rourke is reportedly in talks with Tony Scott about starring in the director’s next two films, Deadline says. The first would be Potzdamer Platz,” a film on which Samuel Hadida’s Paris-based Metropolitan could take the lead financing/producing role and the second is Hell’s Angels which is tuning up again at Fox 2000.


Deadline says Rourke would play Sonny Barger, the man who formed an Oakland chapter of the motorcycle group and helped transform the Angels into a national organization.


Fox 2000 has brought Scott Frank in to do a significant rewrite of the picture that is being framed as a Donnie Brasco-style drama, says Deadline.


A younger actor would play a cop who attempts to infiltrate the club to investigate alleged criminal activities. Deadline says Scott has met with Shia LaBeouf.


As for Potzdamer Platz, Javier Bardem and Jason Statham are also interested. The drama is about two soldiers in a New Jersey-based crime family who try to expand internationally. Scott, says Deadline, hasn’t given up on Gene Hackman for a role as well.