Hand-Picked Flix: Watch ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ for Your Docu-Wednesday

Jiro Dreams of SushiEverett Collection

It’s the middle of the week, and your brain has all but lost its functional juices. You need an intellectual jump — a compelling lesson in history, science, or art, but without entailing that troublesome task of reading. What you need is a documentary. This week, our Netflix Hand-Picked Flix recommendation for Docu-Wednesdays is Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Prepare to feel inadequate. Jiro is the world’s foremost sushi chef, and at the age of 85, he is nothing short of a workhorse. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an intimate display of the virtue of effort. The film showcases decades of study and trial and error all go into an exacting knowledge of how to make the best sushi in the world. while it might look like a madman obsessing over minutiae, the beauty of the doc is witnessing just how completely Jiro puts every single grain of his being into mastering his chosen profession, and how refined simplicity can give way to deep complexity.

It’s both inspiring and a bit depressing, knowing you could never possibly put forth that kind of unadulterated effort into any  pursuit. It’s utterly fascinating to peak inside of Jiro’s worldview and take a tour through his daily life and dedicated philosophy. This one should not be missed… it might even convince you to do your own cooking a little more often.

You can watch the movie on Netflix, and check back tomorrow for our Throwback Thursday recommendation.