Sylvester Stallone Settles ‘Rocky’ Battle

Sylvester Stallone has settled his legal battle with a former heavyweight boxer who claimed he was the inspiration behind the Rocky movies.

Chuck Wepner was always acknowledged by Stallone as the inspiration behind zero-to-hero fighter Rocky Balboa–Stallone began to work on 1976 movie Rocky after he watched the boxer narrowly lose to world champion Muhammad Ali in 1975. The New Jersey club fighter was plucked from obscurity by promoter Don King.

But Wepner sued in 2003, claiming Stallone failed to honor promises of payments and used his name to help promote his movie franchise. Stallone countered, claiming Wepner had already received financial reward from the movies by making public appearances as “the real Rocky.”

Last week, lawyers for Stallone and Wepner filed notice in Newark U.S. District Court that the lawsuit has been settled out of court.

Stallone is currently filming Rocky Balboa, the sixth movie in the series, which is set for release later this year.

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