20 Hilarious Tweets From @HungerGamesProblems

Hunger Games: Catching FireLions Gate via Everett Collection

There are all sorts of problems in this world. First world problems. White girl problems. Real problems. And then there are The Hunger Games problems. And folks, nobody knows Hunger Games problems better than whoever is running the @HungerGamesProblems Twitter account. Over the years a few obsessive fans have made an impression on celebrity pop culture; Chris Crocker, better known as the ‘Leave Britney alone!!!‘ guy, and that insane, amazing Twihard woman, Emma Clark. But those two just made a bunch of videos on YouTube. @HungerGamesProblems has amassed over 20,000 followers and has sent out almost 6,000 tweets — every single one of them related to The Hunger Games books and/or films. Obsession is not even the word for this account, but the fact that so many people are on board is proof that @HungerGamesProblems is not alone. Let’s face it, we’re all pretty much obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy and it’s nice to have someone out there who can’t wait to retweet the hell outta that obsession, whenever it finds its way to social media. Here are just a few of the best tweets from @HungerGamesProblems: