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10 Things Everyone Waiting On Adele’s ’25’ Can Relate To

If you’re a fan of Adele and her stunning vocals, then you’re probably just now recovering from the premiere of her new song “Hello” which debuted to rave reviews this past Friday. If “Hello” gives us any indication of what is to come from her highly anticipated third album, 25, then we are all severely unprepared for all the feels that are to come. Here are 10 things everyone waiting on Adele’s 25 can relate to.

1. You were not afraid to resort to begging as you desperately awaited news of the album’s release.

2. When the album release date was finally announced, you were beside yourself with glee.

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3. But then you realized your emotions and stability would soon be in shambles.

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4. However, the rumored collaborations were just so amazingly good that you held it together.

5. You also quickly realized that Queen Adele is both a master songwriter and master motivator.

6. When “Hello” dropped you just couldn’t even.

7. There is a 98% possibility that you still look like this.

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8. You’ve shamefully stalked the track-list for 25.

9. You’ve gathered all of the necessary items for your Adele 25 Starter Pack


Items include wine, Kleenex, an adult onesie and copious amounts of chocolate.                                 10. And finally, you’ve been preparing your spirit for 25′s arrival.


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