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Dan + Shay were hesitant to debut 10,000 Hours at Justin Bieber’s wedding

Country stars Dan + Shay were nervous about staging the live debut of their song 10,000 Hours at Justin Bieber’s recent wedding because they didn’t know all the words.

The Tequila hitmakers turned wedding singers at Bieber’s South Carolina nuptials to model Hailey Bieber in late September (2019) when they received a special song request from the groom, with whom they had collaborated on the new track.

“We sang Speechless and then Justin jumped on stage,” Dan Smyers told Access Hollywood.

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“We were about to release our new single 10,000 Hours. We had not ever performed it live. And he was like, ‘Yo, you guys gotta sing 10,000 Hours’ and he’s on the song with us.”

Dan admits the duo briefly panicked because the musicians hadn’t yet familiarised themselves with all the lyrics: “It was like, ‘Uh, I don’t wanna embarrass ourselves but we don’t quite know the words.

We’ve never sang it in front of anybody,'” he recalled.

However, they kindly obliged and still managed to impress the crowd.

“We hacked our way through it. It was cool,” he smiled.

The single was released just four days after Bieber’s formal wedding, and it was accompanied by a rather romantic music video, which featured the three singers’ wives.

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Justin and Hailey originally exchanged vows in a New York City courthouse in September 2018, just weeks after becoming engaged.

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