Gigi Hadid was ‘a few months pregnant’ during Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has revealed she was already a “few months pregnant” during Fashion Week earlier this year (2020).

The 25-year-old model is expecting her first child with boyfriend Zayn Malik, believed to be a baby girl.

And while she has not officially confirmed her due date, Gigi gave a few more details about her pregnancy as she opened up during a chat with make-up artist Erin Parsons on Maybelline’s Instagram Live session on Wednesday (May 20, 2020).

Reflecting on how she constantly gets accused of having cosmetic surgery, Gigi said: “It’s so funny, the things you see online. People think that I shape my brows, like I shape my brows really arched. If you look at baby pictures of me, I’ve had these crazy arched brows since I was born.

“Also that people think I do fillers on my face, and that’s why my face is round – I’ve had this since I was born… Especially fashion month, when I was already, like, a few months preggo, you know…”

Gigi took to the runway for numerous shows during Fashion Weeks around the world in February and early March.