Halsey discovered a ‘new version of herself’ on upcoming album


Halsey discovered a “new version of herself” during the process of writing her upcoming album, Manic.

The star, 24, opened up about the project at the intimate An Evening With Halsey event held at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California on Monday night (September 23rd), and confessed her new music reflects her true self.

“I think I feel more comfortable and have more agency to say to the world, ‘This is the real me’,” she shared of the new material. “I’m sure on album four I’ll think I’m full of s**t, but hopefully, the world is forgiving enough to let me evolve and let me change, and get to show you guys a new version of me every couple of years.”

The Without Me hitmaker went on to tell fans she originally planned to record an “angry” album, but realized she was “so calm and so happy and proud” the finished project turned out to be the opposite.

“I sat down to make a list of things I didn’t like about myself because I thought it would help me make an angry album, and I wrote it and I cried,” Halsey explained. “I read it and let some of my friends read it, and after writing it, I couldn’t find any anger at myself, I just found forgiveness.”

Adding that the self-reflexive process helped rid her of “shame or fear or embarrassment or anger”, the Him & I singer told fans: “I just felt acceptance I sat down and instead of making an angry album, I just went (sigh). And it felt so good.”

Manic is slated for release on January 17, 2020.