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Harry Styles already working on new album from lockdown

Harry Styles is already working on his next solo album, according to his close collaborator Kid Harpoon.

Kid, real name Thomas Hull, has co-writing credits on several of Harry’s tracks, including recent hit Adore You.

And he says there’s plenty more music on the way as Harry hasn’t stopped working despite being stuck at home in Los Angeles, rather than being able to head into the studio due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“It’s not like he’s different when he’s not writing to when he is, if that makes sense,” the British singer-songwriter tells Britain’s Music Week magazine. “To me, he’s always writing, he sends me piano ideas all the time and I send him ideas.

“He’ll play piano, write some chords, say, ‘These lyrics are kind of cool’, then we’ll try it out. We text all the time about ideas, we haven’t stopped.”

Kid is even able to give fans a flavor of what’s next for the One Direction alumnus – saying it will be another change in direction after his rock-influenced debut and psychedelic pop follow-up Fine Line.

“He’s going to evolve,” the musician explains. “The next album, I find that exciting, what’s the next album going to be? And the one after that, and beyond? It’s (changing) as he discovers, I find it so refreshing.”

Describing their working relationship, he adds: “Harry is very creative, it’s non-stop working, when we’re in the studio it’s not like, ‘It’s 10am, let’s start, how do we write a song?’ We’re already going, it’s constant. What I love about him is that he is full of ideas.”

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