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Jason Derulo: ‘TikTok is taking over the world!’

Jason Derulo believes TikTok has “(taken) over the world”.

The singer previously revealed he makes “far more than $67,000 a post” on the platform and thinks it has quickly become a way to earn a living for artists who have seen their income drop as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

“People are killing it, it’s cool. I meet all kinds of people and work with all kinds of creators from musicians to dancers,” he told the Metro newspaper’s Guilty Pleasures column.

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“It’s fascinating that these people would have never had a platform to be seen by anyone. I think it’s such a beautiful thing. It’s become this huge phenomenon and took over the world in such a short amount of time.”

The Savage Love hitmaker – who has over 33 million followers on the site – admitted it took him some time to find a social media outlet that he could connect with because he found the likes of Instagram too narcissistic.

“I have never been good at social media. It was always hard for me,” he sighed. “There was never an app that spoke to me. I felt like there were apps for everyone except me.

“With Twitter, I’m not the type to tap my feelings and say what’s going on in my day. Instagram is kinda taking selfies and to show yourself and the best version of you. I’m not really the showboat type.

“TikTok was about having a good time and having fun and being creative. I had a lot of fun doing it and kind of thrived because it just fit me really good.”

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