Josh Gad recruits Back to the Future stars for livestream reunion


Josh Gad has scored another major cast reunion after bringing the stars of the Back To The Future movies together again.

Michael J Fox, who played time traveler Marty McFly in the 1985 classic and sequels, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, and Mary Steenburgen all teamed up for the weekend live-stream the Frozen star organized a week after bringing the cast of The Goonies back together.

During the chat, director/writer Robert Zemeckis revealed studio executive Sidney Sheinberg tried to change the title of the beloved movie to Spaceman From Pluto, because he felt audiences wouldn’t understand what Back to the Future meant.

“The reason he really hated it is because he said movies with the word ‘future’ in the title never make any money,” the filmmaker recalled, explaining Steven Spielberg, one of the film’s executive producers, made him see sense.

Zemeckis‘ co-writer, Bob Gale, who also took part in the reunion, added, “One day we get this memo and it says: ‘I’ve come up with the perfect title for this movie – Spaceman From Pluto, and here are some changes in the script you can make to reflect the title’.

“Bob and I went to Steven and we said, ‘Holy s**t, what do we do?’ And he turned to his assistant and said, ‘Let’s send Sid a memo… Dear Sid, thank you for your most humorous memo of November 14, we all got a big laugh out of it, keep them coming’. And we knew Sid would be too embarrassed to admit he was being serious and we never heard about it again.”

During the live stream, part of Gad’s Reunited Apart series, the Beauty and the Beast actor also shared footage of the cast from Britain’s Back To The Future musical, which premiered at Manchester Opera House on February 20, 2020, and closed weeks later due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Stars including Roger Bart and Olly Dobson performed Huey Lewis & the News hit The Power Of Love, which served as the film’s theme.