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Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Kim’s Robbery: “She’s Not Doing That Well”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is currently on hold until Kim Kardashian recovers from the terrifying robbery in Paris. In a move very unlike Kim, the reality TV star hasn’t posted on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter or her app following the incident, and according to her sister Khloe, that’s because she’s struggling.

Khloe Kardashian paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and updated us all on how Kim is doing after the robbery.

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“I mean, she’s not doing that well. I mean, it’s incredibly traumatic what happened to her, but our family is super close and great and we’ll get through it together, and we do appreciate all of your guys’ love and support and it will take time,” she said. “You know it was horrible what happened to her.”

The incident has lead the whole family to make a lot of life adjustments, including thinking about the way they use social media, which is widely credited as instigating the robbery.

“Well, I think it’s just a wake up call to make a lot of life adjustments. This is a really serious matter for Kim I think that’s really personal as to when that emotional terror you could move on from that,” Khloe said. “I think for us it’s all a wake up call for all of us, but definitely just to make sure our sister’s OK.”

The family is working on ramping up their personal security. Khloe added that their main focus right now is to  “make sure we’re as protected as well as possible.”

Thankfully, the tight-knit Kardashians always stick together. Kim doesn’t have to go through this alone.

“Like I said, we’re a family, we’ll do this together. I think it’s important to make those adjustments and to pull back a little bit, I think is always smart,” she said.

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You can get through this Kimmy! We’re rooting for you.

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