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Kylie Minogue to become railway announcer for BBC Music Day

Kylie Minogue will be heard making announcements at train stations around the U.K. on 28 September (18), as part of BBC Music Day.

The Locomotion singer hopes commuters hearing her recorded messages at major railway terminals will be cheered up by them and inspired to listen to more music.

“BBC Music Day is a wonderful initiative – I truly believe in the power of music to bring joy and lift the soul,” Kylie said in a statement. “I am absolutely thrilled to be supporting it this year and very proud to be a BBC Music Day Ambassador. Hopefully my little messages for train passengers will be a nice surprise and a reminder of the power of music as they go about their daily locomotion journeys on Friday 28 September.”

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Kylie’s new role comes at the end of a big year for the former Neighbours actress, who turned 50 in May, the month after she released Golden, her first full album of new material in four years.

The diminutive Australian singer’s stint as a railway announcer comes after rockers Ozzy Osbourne, Shaun Ryder and Miles Kane recorded messages for public transport in their hometowns to celebrate last year’s BBC Music Day.

Shaun’s Happy Mondays bandmates Mark ‘Bez’ Berry and Rowetta Idah are involved in this year’s event, and will appear on a special episode of the BBC’s antiques show Bargain Hunt with former Pulp musicians Jarvis Cocker and Candida Doyle.

Besides Kylie, other ambassadors include TV choir master Gareth Malone, soul star Gabrielle, indie rockers Blossoms, and the saxophonist YolanDa Brown.

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