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Mark Hamill Stuns Star Wars Fans with Surprise Appearance at Disneyland

Mark Hamill left Star Wars fans stunned when he made a surprise appearance during the Star Tours ride at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, on Tuesday (14Nov17).

The 66-year-old actor, who is famous worldwide for playing Luke Skywalker in the sci-fi movie franchise, dropped in to the theme park and couldn’t resist popping into the much-loved ride, which sees the audience virtually taken through the Star Wars universe.

A video of Mark’s impromptu appearance was shared on Twitter, showing a Disneyland employee reading from his Star Tours script before deviating as he said: “Actually, you know what, the captain did mention something about a special passenger…. Oh, and the Force is strong with this one. So let me go out and…”

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At that point, a jovial Mark appeared at the entrance and greeted the crowd by saying: “Hello everyone!”

He then stepped entirely into the ride and joked: “Wait a minute, there’s no Star Wars fans here, right?” The remark didn’t go down too well with one woman in the crowd though, who hit back: “Yes, there are!”

It’s not the first time Mark has surprised his fans. He hit headlines back in May (17), when Big Little Lies star Adam Scott was on chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, discussing his love of Star Wars and how disappointed he was when Mark didn’t respond to an invitation to his childhood birthday party.

As Adam recalled the tale, the Star Wars theme began to play and Mark appeared on the set wielding a green lightsaber.

A clearly shocked Adam said “No way’, before Mark apologized: “I’m sorry I missed your birthday. I was checking my diary and that week I had two other birthdays, a Bar Mitzvah, and a supermarket opening!”

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After the surprise, Adam smiled “this really is one of the moments of my life”.

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