Naomi Campbell Welcomes Baby Girl


"Naomi Campbell-1a" by Fergie10 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Hey, Hollywooders! What’s Good in the ‘Wood?

We have some #HollyGOOD news for you today: Naomi Campbell is now a mom to her baby girl!

Naomi Campbell took to Instagram Tuesday to announce the arrival of her daughter. The 50-year-old model wrote that she is “so honoured to have this gentle soul in [her] life.”

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Many of Naomi Campbell’s famous friends commented on her baby reveal to congratulate her. Marc Jacobs wrote “How lucky she is and how lucky you are! What a wonderful Mother you will be.” Actress Zoe Saldana wrote “oh my goodness congrats lady! What a blessing!!”

This is Naomi Campbell’s first child, and she has kept her newfound motherhood private until today.

Fan reactions to the arrival of Naomi Campbell’s daughter

Social media has been flooded with reactions to Naomi Campbell’s sweet announcement. Here are our favorite tweets in response to the surprise arrival of her baby:

Ebube joked that Naomi Campbell’s daughter will be strutting the runway just like her mom as a toddler.

This Twitter user said that Naomi Campbell’s baby is destined for greatness.

One fan wrote that regardless of the means, the fact that Naomi Campbell has welcomed her first baby is a huge milestone and one to be celebrated!

Ari shared her excitement for Naomi and her wonderful blessing of being a mother.

One Twitter user pointed out that Naomi Campbell’s daughter will inevitably be fierce.

Paulvin thanked Naomi Campbell for showing young women that they don’t need to rush their career goals in order to fulfill their family aspirations. How inspiring!

Naomi Campbell is best known for her “supermodel” status in the fashion industry. Throughout her decades-long career, the British model has also ventured into acting, music, and reality television. Now, she gets to add being a mother to that already impressive list!

We wish the best for Naomi Campbell as she embarks on this new, exciting journey in her life!

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