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Paris Hilton/Val Kilmer ‘Liason’ Exposed

Photographs of Hollywood star Val Kilmer allegedly groping and kissing socialite Paris Hilton have been published in an Australian magazine.

Weekly publication NW claim they have exclusively obtained the images, which show the 46-year-old actor getting up close and personal with the 25-year-old socialite several years ago. 

NW believe the images have been leaked for the upcoming auction of Hilton‘s belongings, which were legally seized from a Los Angeles storage unit after The Simple Life star fell behind with payments.

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The photos are believed to have been taken in the actor’s rented West Hollywood mansion in 2002, when Kilmer was filming WonderlandHilton had a cameo role in the movie, joining Kilmer‘s character on a yacht.

Last year, Kilmer criticised the media fascination with Hilton, saying, “Paris Hilton is a great example. She’s famous for nothing. It’s what we are celebrating in my country–the nothingness of her fame.”

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