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10 Reasons Why We Need a New Adele Album Now

Come on, Adele. We’ve waited long enough. We need more of your music, your cheeky sass, your emotional live performances. Give us something – an album release date – anything! We know your albums are all titled after your age, so let’s not have this one be titled 40, ok? Here are some reasons we need a new Adele album now.

1. We’re sick of hearing rumors about it…which also make us break into the song “Rumour Has It.”

2. There are only so many times we can cry to “Someone Like You.”

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3. We need a new empowerment jam like “Set Fire to the Rain.”

4. We miss all of Adele’s cheeky interviews.

5. She needs to remind everyone where Ella Henderson got her sound/look from.

Adele did it first, hun.

6. She has to start winning awards again. We’re getting a little sick of always hearing Taylor’s name.

7. We’re starting to forget what she looks like.

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Oh that’s right, she’s a gorgeous twinkly princess.

8. We keep taking bets on a release date, and we keep losing.

9. We’re analyzing her social media posts way too much.

She tweeted a pic with Stevie Nicks, does that mean they’re collaborating?!

10. We wanna know what happy Adele sounds like. Solid relationship, new baby…what does that SOUND like?

What do YOU miss most about Adele? When do you think her new album will come out?

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