Rumer Willis saw a ‘different side’ to mother Demi Moore in new memoir


Rumer Willis feels “privileged” to have read Demi Moore’s new memoir as it introduced her to a different side of her mother.

In Inside Out, the actress candidly opens up about her troubled personal life, including her substance abuse struggles, her marriages to ex-husbands’ Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, and being raped at age 15 by a man who she alleges paid her mother $500 to keep quiet about the incident.

Speaking in the Wall Street Journal’s WSJ. magazine’s October (2019) issue, Rumer addressed how it felt to read about her mother’s turbulent life.

“I don’t know if I would use the word surprising. It’s more like… When a whole picture of someone’s life is painted – it made so much sense, to see her whole childhood detailed,” she mused. “It was like having a bunch of puzzle pieces put together.

“Whenever your parents say something like, ‘I was your age once and blah blah blah’, when you’re younger you go, ‘Yeah, but you don’t really understand’. It’s hard to imagine your parents as kids.”

However, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star confessed she now feels “privileged” to understand her mother on a deeper level, and hopes the writing will inspire fans who may have experienced similar issues.

“I feel like one of the most beautiful parts of her writing this book is everyone who has been a fan of hers or who has loved her for so long will get to see all of those pieces, to see this vulnerable and very beautiful and sometimes intense side that they may not have seen before,” she added.

Inside Out is out now.