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See Dolly Parton, in comic form

Hey, Hollywooders! Did you hear the HollyGOOD news?!

Dolly Parton is going to be featured in a COMIC book!

Honestly, what can’t Dolly Parton do?

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Yes, really. Dolly Parton is going to be in a comic book.

We have TidalWave Comics to thank for publishing this gorgeous work of art announced on Thursday, March 18:

Set to release on March 31, the 22-page comic book is part of TidalWave Comics’ “Female Force” series dedicated to inspirational women Dolly joins dozens of iconic women through history, including Michelle Obama, Cher, Madam Vice President Kamala Harris, and Mother Teresa.

“Writing about Dolly was a joy,” comic book writer Michael Frizell said in a statement shared with Reuters. “Her creativity, philanthropy and humanity are legendary.”

We agree with Michael Frizell––Dolly is a legend.

We have Dolly Parton to thank for funding research on the Moderna vaccine––she gave $1 million to Vanderbilt University:

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Earlier this year, Dolly posted a video of her getting the vaccine while singing her iconic “Jolene” but replacing it with the word vaccine:

“We’ve found a niche with our bio comics,” said TidalWave publisher Darren G. Davis in a statement shared with Reuters. “There is a much wider audience for sequential storytelling than many have thought. These readers are simply looking for something other than superheroes.”

You can pre-order Dolly Parton’s comic book here.

While you wait, watch these movies with Dolly Parton

March 31 can’t come soon enough, but we have something to keep you busy until then.

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Watch these iconic movies with Dolly Parton to pass the time.

Dolly Parton Movies: 9 to 5

Can’t leave out this absolute classic starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin and featuring the classic song “9 to 5”. 

Watch Dolly Parton in 9 to 5 now on Hulu.

Dolly Parton Movies: Steel Magnolias

This heartfelt film is a classic celebration of female friendship. Dolly Parton stars alongside Sally Field and Shirley MacLaine.

Buy for only $3.99 on Amazon and rewatch anytime you need a dose of comfort, Dolly-style.

Dolly Parton Movies: Dumplin’

Danielle Macdonald and Jennifer Aniston star in this wholesome Netflix film. Danielle Macdonald plays Willowdean Dickson, a huge Dolly Parton fan who decides to sign up for a local beauty pageant run by her mom (played by Jennifer Aniston), an ex-beauty queen. 

*Spoiler alert: Dolly Parton makes a cameo at the end.

Watch Dolly Parton in Dumplin’ on Netflix.

Everybody loves Dolly Parton

Wrapping this up with a few tweets about Dolly Parton because she’s an icon, ok??


Only Dolly Parton thanks

Literally never

Dolly what’s your secret the people want to know

Honestly what’s up with this

Ready to read this essay tbh

It really shows ya’ll

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