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Steven Spielberg’s daughter ‘heartbroken’ following domestic violence arrest

Steven Spielberg’s 23-year-old adopted daughter Mikaela feels “betrayed” and “heartbroken” at getting arrested for domestic violence against her fiance Chuck Pankow.

Mikaela, whose adopted parents are Steven and his wife Kate Capshaw, was arrested on Saturday morning (February 29, 2020) and admitted into the Hill Detention Center in Tennessee.

A police official told People that Mikaela‘s bond had been posted shortly after her arrest and, in a statement to Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Mikaela insisted that she should never have been arrested, blaming a miscommunication with officers.

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“I am personally very heartbroken and I feel betrayed because I called for medical assistance,” she said in a statement.

Chuck also told the publication that “no one is hurt” and that he had not wanted the case pursued, adding: “We are both fine. It was a huge misunderstanding. She’s home now.”

It was widely reported that the incident sparked after Mikaela and Chuck got into an argument after returning from a bar around 4 am. According to an arrest report, Chuck made a “rude comment” toward Mikaela, prompting her to get angry and throw objects at him. Although they did not disclose what type of objects were allegedly launched, Chuck was struck and left with a visible injury on his hand.

Responding officers noted dried blood on his hand, a swollen wrist and marks on the skin. They later said the injuries appeared fresh and recent.

Mikaela has been given a court date for next Monday after being charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. She told The Sun that she looks forward to clearing her name.

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