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Yungblud receives death threats for wearing dress in Russia

Yungblud was subjected to death threats after he showed up in Russia wearing a short black dress.

The star is well known for his gender-bending style, but revealed he was met with adversity for his flamboyant clothing when he posed in the country holding a Russian flag to protest the country’s treatment of LGBTQ+ citizens.

“In Russia I got death threats because I was wearing a skirt,” he told NME. “The first thing I did when I landed in Moscow was put on a dress and go to Red Square to get a picture.”

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He went on to add his team worry his controversial lyrics, like “F**k the NRA”, could get him shot in America – but he insisted he’s not scared about the opposition he receives.

“We’re just doing what’s right. If someone’s going to shoot me for it, then I’m prepared to get shot for it because I believe in it,” the rocker, real name Dominic Harrison, explained. “That’s intense, dark and scary to say, but I’m prepared to die for this s**t. As a result, that show in Moscow had the craziest crowd, because those are kids that needed that release and me the most.”

The gender nonconforming star revealed he first wore a dress at 12-years-old, sharing of the experience: “It opened a part of me that I didn’t realize existed. It totally embedded in me. I felt like I became myself more in that 10 seconds.”

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