Misfits Just Won The European Overwatch Open!

Editor’s Note:

Misfits just won the championship, upsetting EnVyUs and taking home $100,000, the biggest amount in game history thus far. Misfits certainly won’t be labeled as underdogs anymore!

After a sensational game last night at the Overwatch Open in Europe, the Misfits have just advanced to  the grand finale. In the final match in a tournament which considers the best of five games, the Misfits broke through their 2-2 tie in order to sweep in, winning the final match against Rouge at the very last second!

Though the team was under a bit of pressure considering the fact that one of Misfits star players had to back out of the tournament to see to a family matter, it has been an amazing ride!

The Overwatch Grand Finale will be held tonight in Atlanta, broadcasted on TBS at 10PM ET from the Turner Studios. Misfits will play against EnVyUs for best in the world. Watch live here. Congrats Misfits! We’re rooting for you!

Watch the entire grand finale for yourself below!

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