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This Is What Harry Potter Go Might Look Like

It’s really hard to tell which fandom is more intense — Pokemon or Harry Potter. After the massive success of Pokemon Go, the Internet has really run with the idea of Harry Potter Go, an augmented reality game inspired by Niantic’s collab with Nintendo. To clarify before you get your invisibility cloak in a twist, Harry Potter Go does not exist. It has not been confirmed in any way, despite all rumors.

That didn’t stop Stargaze Media, a UK-based video company, from creating a Harry Potter Go trailer so real if we didn’t double take, we’d think it was actually happening.

Instead of a regular street map like Pokemon Go uses, Harry Potter Go uses Marauder’s Map. Instead of picking a team, you’re sorted into one of the houses (undoubtedly Hufflepuff will be the new Team Instinct). You also get to hunt fantastic beasts by using a wand instead of a Pokeball. Instead of Pokestops, there are Magic-Stops where you get collectible cards.

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At first we were a bit skeptical, but this trailer puts it all into perspective. We definitely think this game could work, and we’re not the only ones who agree. An online petition that launched in support of Harry Potter Go has almost 50,000 signatures.

Would you play Harry Potter Go?

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