This Pokemon Go Hack Is A Game-changer For Lazy People

Most of us have had a busy weekend of catching Rattata and Doduo. Why are those the only Pokemon that ever show up in Pokemon Go? Admittedly, we’re nerds who are definitely not used to physical activity and kind of tired from walking around all weekend. There’s still so much we want to do in the game, but we don’t want to get off our lazy bums. Can’t we just hangout? This Pokemon Go hack says yes!

We already know the best way to nab some Pokemon without having to move is to plant a lure module at a Pokestop right below your apartment or, if you’re not lucky enough to live near a Pokestop, use some incense. That’s the best way to catch a Pokemon without running in circles around your block or strapping your iPhone to a drone. Yes, one guy actually strapped his iPhone to a drone, so he could play Pokemon without having to walk around. People will do some crazy things.

There’s no great, efficient way to catch Pokemon without walking, but there is a way to hatch your eggs and gain travel-based medals without leaving your bedroom, all you need is a record player! YouTube user Rusty Cage did not want to walk 10 km to hatch his rare eggs, so he decided to find an alternative method. He simply placed his phone on his record player and let it spin around which actually logged steps with his phone’s internal pedometer. Do that for a couple hours and all your eggs will be hatched in no time.

Pokemon Go isn’t a game for lazy people, but while you’re taking a rest, there’s no harm in giving yourself an advantage. Those eggs aren’t gonna hatch themselves — or are they? What do you think of this Pokemon Go hack?