Amber Rose Sends Love Note to Wiz Khalifa

It’s beginning to look like Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa‘s family feud is calming down a little after the model posted a touching message intended for her estranged husband on Instagram on Thursday (02Apr15). Rose uploaded a snap of the former couple kissing on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards and made it clear she still has feelings for the rapper who broke her heart.

She added the caption: “My #ManCrushEveryday you know what it is… We went wrong somewhere and even if we never ever get back together (Even tho I pray, dream and hope we do) he will forever be the love of my life.” She continued: “The media doesn’t make it easy but f**k them we gotta live for reality and not society. We forever have a bond because we made a beautiful baby from our Love. Through all the ups and downs of our relationship my heart still beats for him every single day. “I’m sick of putting on a front like I’m happy without him. I’m not. He makes me happy. He’s the only one who can. Regardless of how our lives Turn out in the long run he will always be the skinny tatted up stoner that has my heart.”

The former couple recently fell out over their son Sebastian’s second birthday party plans – Khalifa had planned a bash at his home and accused his estranged wife of sabotaging the celebration by keeping their kid away. When his son was a no-show at the bash on 21 February (15), he took to Twitter and shared a number of sad images of the cake and presents that had been left untouched, adding, “Only thing missing was bash (Sebastian).” He then took aim at Rose, without mentioning her by name, by lamenting, “ive (sic) never voiced my true unhappiness out of fear of the person I was with and what she would do to make me more unhappy.” He finally managed to host the pirate-themed party at his home in Los Angeles on 26 February (15). Rose was a not present.