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‘American Idol’ Recap: Kristy Lee Cook Ousted

[IMG:L]Kristy Lee Cook had gotten so used to being in the bottom three on American Idol’s results shows that she accurately predicted it on a few occasions; Wednesday night she did the same for her elimination.

Cook could be seen and somewhat heard accepting the results even before Ryan Seacrest delivered them, sending Brooke White back to safety where she joined just five other remaining contestants (including Syesha Mercado, the other member of this week’s bottom three).

Judging by Cook’s three previous stints in the bottom three this season, it wasn’t such a shocking elimination, one that was also predicted by judge Simon Cowell.

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When Cowell was asked who he thought would be leaving the show Wednesday night between Cook and Brooke, he was characteristically candid–and correct: “Kristy… You know, your time’s up this time, sweetheart.” Right he was.

The 24-year-old Oregonian–and only country-leaning singer left on the show prior to Wednesday–chose to sing Mariah Carey’s “Forever” the previous night, impressing judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul before Cowell blasted her performance. Which is generally how the feedback goes with this trio of judges.

Carey, whose songbook was the theme for this week and who performed on the results show, told Cook on a tape Tuesday night that her rendition of “Forever” gave her the chills. Apparently voters didn’t quite agree.

So now we’re down to a mere six contestants, which somehow seems infinitely smaller than seven and makes the finale appear closer than it really is (May 21). Perhaps that’s because the order of elimination from here on out seems set in stone, but then again, the Michael Johns shocker last week re-taught us to expect the unexpected.

Nonetheless, a finale with anyone other than David Cook and/or David Archuleta would be the ultimate surprise. (And just in case little Archuleta wasn’t already an odds-on favorite, he sincerely proclaimed on Wednesday night’s show, “I’ve never been happier in my life,” which garnered almost deafening audience approval.)

The two Davids will join Mercado, White, the dreadlocked Jason Castro, and the tattooed Carly Smithson (who I still think would win it all if the competition were based purely on singing ability) Tuesday night when the theme becomes…Andrew Lloyd Webber?

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