Amy Poehler: ‘Women should be just as silly as men on screen!’


Amy Poehler wanted her The House character to be “just as idiotic” at the male lead in the movie.

The 45-year-old actress and funnyman Will Ferrell star in the comedy movie as parents who resort to running an illegal casino to fund their daughter’s college tuition.

Quizzed by Refinery29 on what the movie says about marriage and maintaining a successful relationship, Amy explained she focused on making her alter ego Kate equal to Will’s Scott.

“It was important for us to play characters that were a team, because oftentimes we find the husband has this great plan and the wife is like, ‘Come on you guys, stop having fun!’” she pointed out. “We wanted to make sure they’re both idiots together because if there’s one thing I will fight for it’s for women to be just as idiotic as men.

“Their marriage is pretty strong because they’re delighted by each other and they know each other’s limitations which, in real life, is important in any good relationship.”

It may be the first time Amy and Will have worked together but the pair have known each other for a long time, which the Parks and Recreation star says gives them great chemistry on screen.

Humorously noting they look like they could be married “in a weird way”, Amy laughed as she praised her curly-haired co-star.

“He’s a blast. I think he’s the king – he’s so funny, he takes crazy risks and chances,” she smiled. “He can play really, really big and goofy and then scary, low-status and dumb. He really can do a huge range, so it’s always awesome to work with him.”

The mother of two boys also joked she and Will would make the crew vote who they thought was funniest after every scene, laughing, “It’s about beating the other person.”

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