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“Daredevil” Sequel Already in Works

The producers of the upcoming superhero flick Daredevil are feeling pretty confident–they are already talking about a sequel, even before the first film is released next year.

Taken from the pages of the popular comic book, Daredevil stars Ben Affleck as a blind lawyer who fights for the little guys during the day and takes on the bad guys as a superhero at night.

Producer Avi Arad told Ananova News, “You’ll see a Daredevil 2 and possibly a third. We absolutely plan for sequels. There are 40 years of stories.”

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Arad hopes to even spin off movies from some of the supporting characters.

How does Affleck feel about playing the superhero?

He told Entertainment Weekly he finds the role very challenging, especially playing someone who is blind.

“I have these murky blue contacts, so when I wear them, I am, in fact, blind,” Affleck said. “The challenge is not to walk into the furniture.”

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