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‘Entourage’ Recap, Ep. 9: “Pie”

[IMG:L]10:02: Drama is being dramatic about Vince’s first day of shooting Smokejumpers, as evidenced by his flipping Turtle’s mattress over, which is hilarious. Less hilarious: Drama repeatedly referring to Vince as ‘Baby bro.’

10:03: Vince has first-day jitters about Smokejumpers (Vince gets nervous?!). Luckily there’s Powerade on hand to calm him down.

10:06: Good Will Hunting actor Stellan Skarsgard is playing Verner, the somewhat maniacal director of Smokejumpers. Yet another solid bit of Entourage guest-star casting.

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10:07: Jason Patric, the lead actor in Smokejumpers, is stealing Vince’s lines. On an unrelated note, this episode features some damn good cinematography.

10:09: Ari reluctantly meets his old friend and mentor Andrew Klein, and … it’s Lumbergh from Office Space! (OK, his real name is Gary Cole, and he’s been in almost 100 combined movies and TV shows.) Klein asks Ari for a cool half-a-million-dollar loan. Ouch.

10:12: Patric is doing a great send-up of his real-life, ultra-intense reputation.

10:15: Turtle exacts revenge on Patric by stealing his seatback. That’s what happens when you steal lines!

10:18: Ari wants to buy Klein’s company to help his old buddy out of a financial bind, which marks his second straight benevolent episode.

10:19: After Turtle stole Patric’s seatback, Drama gets revenge by using his trailer bathroom in a way that is not very gentlemanly. Or sanitary. Or pleasing to the smell.

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10:22: Ari and Andrew reminisce about the one that got away: Brad Pitt, pre-Thelma and Louise.

10:24: Quote of the night (Ari to Andrew): “That head of hair is too good for the Valley.” And on that compliment, Andrew agrees to let Ari buy his literary agency.

10:25: But the episode’s ‘Oh, sh*t’ phone call negates that transaction, when Barbara (Beverly D’Angelo) doesn’t approve the deal.

10:26: Drama exacts revenge on Patric a second time by wiping barbeque sauce on the back of his shirt. Score!

10:27: The last straw for Vince comes when Patric steals dessert from Turtle. Vince mans up and confronts him about being a line ‘kleptomaniac,’ only to learn that it was all Verner’s doing.

10:28: Outkast’s “Da Art of Storytellin’ (Part II)” plays us to and through the closing credits. Even if the episodes themselves haven’t been great this season, the songs sure have!

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10:29: Previews for next week: Uh-oh, Seth Green’s back and still yappin’ about Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), who’s also back; confusion continues on the set of Smokejumpers, just as it does at Ari’s office with the Andrew Klein saga.

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