Eric Idle jokes about Spamalot lawsuit

The funnyman was reunited with his former work colleagues for a hearing at London’s High Court on Friday (30Nov12) to face a lawsuit over their popular theatre musical.

Mark Forstater, who produced the classic 1975 comedy movie Monty Python and The Holy Grail, is suing the trio, along with John Cleese and Terry Gilliam, over allegations he is owed royalties from the production, but Idle is refusing to feel downcast about the courtroom showdown.

The 69 year old admits he was happy to spend time with his friends, even under such difficult circumstances, as being in court brought back happy memories of their sketch show days together.

In a series of posts on, he writes, “Not allowed to say much about the court case as it proceeds.. Excellent fun to be in court with Mike and Terry J. God I love these blokes. I have been in a hundred court (comedy) sketches and never once in court. Memories of them all flood back….”

Idle even jokingly compares the case to Monty Python and The Holy Grail, adding, “Case latest. Man claiming to be the 7th Python revealed to be the 2nd Black Knight (character from the film)…”