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Helen McCrory almost missed out on OBE honour

Actress Helen Mccrory almost missed out on receiving her Order of the British Empire (OBE) honour because she initially mistook the official letter for an unpaid bill.
The Peaky Blinders star, who is married to former Homeland actor Damian Lewis, was made an OBE by Queen Elizabeth II at London’s Buckingham Palace on Tuesday (07Nov17), but she almost didn’t make the acceptance deadline because she didn’t open the letter.
“They thought I hadn’t got the letter and I was actually phoned at home to be asked if I was going to be accepting the honour,” she told the Press Association. “I hadn’t opened it, I thought it was something else. I thought it was for my husband and thought, ‘Oh God, he hasn’t paid something again.’ It was sitting in his office, and they said, ‘It’s your last day to accept it, would you like to accept it?’ I said, ‘My gosh, of course, how fantastic’.”
McCrory attended the ceremony with her husband and admitted she was excited and nervous to receive the honour from the Queen.
“I am so excited, I am so elated,” she said.
“You’re not told until the day (who will present it) and a gentleman comes and tells you what to do, because you think you’re going to know but of course you’re so excited you can’t remember anything he’s just said… You think, ‘I know how to curtsy’, and then…, ‘Oh no, I don’t, I can’t remember anything you just told me’.”

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