James Bay supports end of single-use plastic in music


James Bay and band Wolf Alice are calling for an end to plastic music wrapping.

Images and stories of plastic pollution are currently dominating headlines, with companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s promising to phase out plastic straws.

It looks like the music industry is ready to do its bit too by demanding shrink-wrapped records become a thing of the past.

“They are filling up the ocean, it is doing lots and lots of damage so wherever you find these single-use plastics let’s try not to use them,” Hold Back the River singer James told the BBC.
And Wolf Alice members Joel Amey and Ellie Rowsell echoed the sentiment.

“We always have said from day one that we want to make our releases as environmentally friendly as possible,” said drummer Joel, while singer Ellie added: “Our CD sleeves are all made from cardboard not plastic, what’s the point? You only take it off anyway.”

Spearheading the movement is Anna Harvey and Karen Emmanuel, who run vinyl manufacturer Key Production, with the duo campaigning for the end of single-use plastic in the music industry.

“We are already speaking to manufacturers to see if we can get some alternatives, corn starch instead of shrink wrap or using paper bands and stickers on DVDs and CDs,” Karen shared.