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James Marsden was ‘third wheel’ on first Calista Flockhart & Harrison Ford date

James Marsden witnessed the beginning of Calista Flockhart’s romance with Harrison Ford, because he was the actress’ plus-one when she first met the movie icon.
Calista asked her Ally McBeal co-star to join her for a date, because she was nervous about meeting her new guy.
“I was a third wheel on her first date with Harrison Ford,” he said during a Thursday night (23May19) appearance on The Late Late Show. “She asked me after we wrapped if I would come along with her to this date because it was a new guy and we felt safe with each other.
“We went to dinner and then she said they were going to go back to his house to have cocktails (and) she was like, ‘You gotta come with me!’ I was like ‘Really?'”
But he doesn’t think he made much of an impression on Ford: “I’m not sure if he would remember me if he saw me,” he chuckled.
The date was a big hit and Calista and Ford have been together ever since. They wed in June, 2010.

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