John Boyega named his miracle cat after X-Men’s Wolverine


John Boyega named his cat Logan, the alter-ego of X-Men character Wolverine, due to his pet’s amazing healing abilities.

The Star Wars actor, 26, decided to home a sickly feline with bone problems when he moved out to live on his own for the first time.

While nursing the cat back to health, John decided he should share the name of Hugh Jackman’s character from the X-Men films’ – a hero who possesses a mutation that means his wounds always heal.
“It was based on that (Wolverine),” he tells U.S. Elle magazine. “When I got Logan, he had a bone problem. His bones were very weak; even the way he was sitting in the basket looked a bit odd…
“I thought, ‘Okay, cool, he’s probably going to die soon anyway. I’d love to get the responsibility factor.’

I’d started living by myself. I thought, ‘You know what, it’s getting lonely in here. I need another species at least. I’ll get a cat.’ Then his bones had problems. But as he got older, he started to get stronger – and his bones healed themselves. He reminded me of Logan.”

Although he’s now a science-fiction star, having also appeared in Pacific Rim Uprising in addition to his ongoing role as Finn in the Star Wars franchise, John is yet to tackle a superhero role.

However, according to the website, at a recent appearance at Awesome Con in Washington D.C. the star confirmed he had met with bosses at Marvel Studios about possibly taking a role in one of their movies – although not in any imminent project.

One part he’s not keen on though is Marvel’s vampire hero Blade, as he believes Wesley Snipes, who portrayed him in all three of the franchise’s movies should return as the popular character.

“I want to see Wesley Snipes come back in the role. I think it would be good to see him helm Blade again. That’d be good,” John told Entertainment Tonight.