Kathy Hilton can’t watch sisters’ lives ‘fall apart’ on Real Housewives

Paris Hilton’s aunts joined the Bravo network programme in 2010, but their close relationship unravelled on air as they clashed in a big fight over Kim’s boozing during the season one finale.

Kathy admits she struggled to see her family drama play out on TV and the fall-out between the Richards sisters only made her wish her mother Sharon was still alive to keep the girls in line.

Hilton tells PR.com, “In the beginning I thought this could be a great opportunity. This could be a platform to do a lot of nice things, to have a voice, to give back, and also for business. Everybody’s looking at these shows to brand themselves and it’s a great opportunity…

“When I watched the first season and then when I saw what happened on the first season’s finale… Paris and I were here watching that finale together. My mother is no longer here and I broke down, and I felt so bad that I didn’t have her; I missed my mum. It was just heartbreaking that my family could fall apart like that so I didn’t watch the second season at all.

“I was very upset. I kind of skimmed through the end when they did the reunion. I was only interested in watching Kim and Kyle.”

Kim Richards decided to check into rehab in December (11) to address issues with alcohol, and Kathy is relieved she’s managed to deal with her personal demons.

She adds, “I think they’re doing well now, though. They (had) better! At the end of the day, your health, your family, and your friends are the only thing that matters.”