Lorde thrilled with first U.S. number one album


Lorde is deeply humbled after landing her first number one album in America, insisting her 15-year-old self would be so proud of her huge success.

The Royals hitmaker scored her first Billboard 200 chart-topper on Sunday (25Jun17) when Melodrama hit number one, and on Monday morning (26Jun17), she took to Twitter to express her profound gratitude to fans for continuing to support her career with her sophomore release, the follow up to 2012’s Pure Heroine, which debuted at three.

“you guys, today we have the number one album in america,” she wrote. “from the bottom of my heart, thankyou (sic).”

Lorde, 20, went on to explain how organic the recording process was for Melodrama, which she co-produced with fun. and Bleachers rocker Jack Antonoff at his home studio.

“when i was a kid i thought big records had to be made a certain way – to be sterile & calculated in craft; that something had to be sacrificed,” she explained. “i have had the divine thrill of disproving that firsthand, twice over…

“jack and i made this in rooms alone, telling secrets and uncovering truths, and i just know that 15yo (year-old) me would have been so f**king proud…”

Concluding the series of tweets, the excited pop star added, “SO WHAT I’N (I’m) TRYNA SAY IS LET’S F**KIN GEEEET IIIIIIT MORE JOY IN ALL OUR FUTURES MELODRAMA FOREVER (sic)”.

Lorde’s U.S. chart success is a further triumph for the singer as Melodrama leaked online hours before its official release on 16 June (17), although her fans rallied and encouraged others to wait to properly purchase the album.

“Ok listeners of the #melodrama leak – do our bby (baby) girl @lorde right and buy this album when it drops,” wrote one devotee. “It’s too good to not have our support!”

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