Chasing the Wolf Pack: 5 Supernaturals We Hope Will Trend in Hollywood

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We get it. Vamps and Weres are the Sharks and the Jets of the Carpathians. And for those of us who like our creatures with a little more meat on their bones, werewolves are hot. But enough already: even CGI wolves look hokey. And what about the rest of Inhumanity? Here are some creatures we would love to see more of.

The Golem

Kudos to the writers of Ray Donovan for having this Jewish demon haunt Elliott Gould‘s character. But Golems are made out of clay, not covered in it. Study up, effects department.

The Dybbuk

The Coen Brothers nailed this ghost in the opening sequence of A Serious Man. And The Possession built its entire plot around this demon. But everyone knows you can’t buy a Dybbuk at a yard sale. You have to earn this particular haunting.

The Jinn

These supernaturals of Isalm can sit down for a meal with you. So set up a tab at Spago for them, Hollywood.

The Bhoot

Okay, so they’re really just Hindu ghosts with average haunting patterns. But think of the dance numbers.

The Perelesnyk

This Ukrainian incubus is a coital dead dude, like a boyfriend that can’t take a hint. Could be a perfect proving ground for young Hollywood, or a second chance for all those soon-to-be-out-of-work Weres.

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