Roberts pities modern actresses

The actress shot to international fame in 1988’s teen film Mystic Pizza, and quickly became the highest-earning actress in Hollywood.

But she is adamant the industry was much less ruthless 20 years ago and admits she feels sorry for the young stars who have just stepped into the spotlight.

She says, “It has to be very confusing and difficult to be a young woman in Hollywood today. The focus is so surgical on these girls – on everything they wear and every little detail on their lives in a way that I think is kind of negative.

“I don’t know how they handle it. It has to make you feel insecure and you want to cave in on yourself or you prevail because you have good parents, good values and you protect your inner self. It’s got to be hard.

“Showbusiness itself has changed and it’s not treated in a treasured, magical way any more.”