Ryan Guzman Thanks J. Lo For Sex Scene Advice

Ryan Guzman, Jennifer Lopez
Splash News

RYAN GUZMAN has heaped praise on his THE BOY NEXT DOOR co-star JENNIFER LOPEZ for helping him get ready for his first nude and sex scenes.

The Latino hunk bares all in the thriller and admits he was very nervous about stripping off in front of Lopez – until she made him feel comfortable.

He tells Latino-Review.com, “First of all, you wrap your head around that – ‘I’m going to do a sex scene. I’m going to do a sex scene! Crap! I got to get naked. What are they going to ask me? What are they going to tell me on what to do?’ Then you step back and wrap your head around the second thing – ‘OK, now I’m going to do a sex scene with Jennifer Lopez… Oh, crap!’

“It was just an awkward feeling. I remembered the day of (filming), going up to Jennifer and telling her, ‘I feel really uncomfortable right now. I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know what to do’. I had so many questions.

“She was the one who calmed me down and said, ‘You know what, just think that this scene means so much to the film and it’s the catalyst for the whole film. Without this scene, the film doesn’t make sense. Live in the character. Live in the moment. And forget about who you are and what you are’.

“After that, I kind of let loose and tried to make the scene the best as I could.”