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Sacha Baron Cohen abused by public in TV sketch

Sacha Baron Cohen discovered the U.S. public’s negative view of him when he interviewed them as himself for a sketch.
The British comedian is known for his various guises including Ali G, Borat and Bruno, and rarely appears at promotional events as himself, so he claims he hardly ever recognised in public when he goes without make-up and costumes.
He put his theory to the test by hitting the streets of Los Angeles dressed in smart clothes and glasses, to interview members of the U.S. public about what they really thought of the him and his movies.
He received mild criticisms during the Conan O’Brien sketch from people who tell him, “I don’t like him” and “I’m not really familiar with her” to Sacha’s face without realising who he is.
The funnyman is then confronted by one forthright interviewee who describes Sacha with a string of expletives, including a**hole”, “p*ck” and “c**ksucker”.
Sacha, who seemed taken back by the comments, asked the man how he rated Sacha on a scale of evil if Adolf Hitler was a 10 and late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was eight, and the man replies, “6.9.”
None of the people in the sketch recognise the actor, even when he pretends to pick his nose and eat it, as a woman tells him Sacha’s movies are “very crass”.
Sacha recently reprised his Ali G role for an appearance at the Academy Awards on Sunday (28Feb16). He sneaked his costume in with the help of actress wife Isla Fisher after Oscars bosses told him to present as himself.
“The truth is we actually had to sneak it in…” he previously told U.K. show Good Morning Britain. “The Oscars sat me down beforehand and said they didn’t want me to do anything out of order, they wanted me to actually just present it as myself. But luckily my wife put on the Ali G beard in the disabled toilets and I managed to get away with it. What would I do without her?”

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