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Saturday: ‘Breach’

[IMG:L]Breach — 8/7c on HBO

Let’s be honest: HBO’s Saturday night premieres of late, while not bad, have been movies you’ve already seen (Happy Feet) and/or are tired of hearing about (Dreamgirls).

Tonight’s Breach is, refreshingly, neither.

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On the other hand, had Breach been released during the current Oscar Season–instead of February 2007–it would’ve garnered much more buzz. 

Chris Cooper most certainly would’ve snagged a Supporting Actor nod for his role as FBI Agent Robert Hanssen, and the movie itself would’ve made more money than it did ($32.8 million).

But Breach’s under-the-radar status is your gain tonight, as you go in with no preconceived notions about the movie–other than the smattering of praise upon its release. And this: Breach is damn good!

Ryan Phillippe’s young FBI pup plays cat-and-mouse with the always amazing Cooper’s Hanssen, the real-life agent convicted of spying for Russia for 15 years.

Director/co-writer Billy Ray (Shattered Glass) is the movie’s real star, though, a bigger asset than even Cooper. Every second of the movie is a no-frills thrill, thanks mostly to his organic style.

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