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Saturday: ‘Wisegal’

[IMG:L]Wisegal — 9/8c on Lifetime

Clever titling, Lifetime–and even cleverer scheduling: Just before Wisegal premieres, Goodfellas can be seen on the female-centric network.

What is it, Mob night?!

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Wisegal, an obvious gender play on the word that’s a euphemism for “Mobster,” is inspired by a true story–typical of a Lifetime flick.

The TV movie is atypical for Lifetime fare, however, in that it could actually be entertaining. 

Alyssa Milano stars as a widow who strikes up a romance with a Mafia boss (Jason Gedrick) and begins working for “the family,” but before long discovers that she might be putting her two kids in danger, the two kids she’s trying to support in the first place.

Mafia-movie veteran James Caan co-stars.

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