Sofia Vergara tricked Julie Bowen into wearing underwear from her brand


Sofia Vergara once tricked her Modern Family co-star Julie Bowen into becoming a “tiny butt model” for her underwear line.

Sofia runs EBY, a seamless underwear subscription service that she started with Renata Black in 2017.

Unbeknown to Julie, she recently started to wear EBY thongs while filming the popular ABC mockumentary sitcom, after 45-year-old Sofia sneakily left some out for her.

“I thought the wardrobe department was leaving them for me, because they always leave you a thong, because that’s what you’re supposed to be wearing under the skirt. So I just thought they were leaving me, I don’t know … underwear. And then one day I realise it’s Sofia’s underwear line,” Julie told Us Weekly.

“She goes, ‘Yes, I need somebody with a really tiny butt to try the small size and tell me how they fit.’ I was like, ‘And I’m the tiny butt model?’ She’s like, ‘Yes.’ They’re great, though. I do wear them now, under skirts with the lines, but not on the pants.”

Colombian Sofia may have also had a second motive when giving away her thongs – she hates the full-size underwear Julie normally wears.

Explaining how she’d sometimes allow Sofia to catch a glimpse of her big panties hanging out of her trousers, Julie, 48, laughed: “She’d go, ‘that is disgusting’.

“Please, dress like a woman. Aye. Spanish, Spanish, Spanish. Why do you dress like a boy? Disgusting.”