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Super Tuesday Coverage

[IMG:L]Super Tuesday Coverage — 8/7c on Most Networks

There comes a Tuesday night in every TV watcher’s life when TiVo-ing American Idol is necessary.

Tonight, Super Tuesday, might just be that night. And after all, we’re still only in auditions–it’s not like the Top 12 will be announced tonight.

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Virtually every major network brings out the big guns for Super Tuesday, calling on their chief talking heads for (over)analysis. For example, ABC serves up Diane SawyerCharles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos, while CNN has its go-to guy, Wolf Blitzer, at the ready. And just yesterday came word that Fox News added ex-President Bush aide Karl Rove to its team starting tonight. Uh, no comment on that transaction.

Super Tuesday makes the presidential-candidate picture a whole lot clearer, as almost half the states (24) in the union hold primaries/caucuses on this day.

And if you find yourself missing Idol tonight, just think of Super Tuesday as the ultimate “results show”!

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