The Iron Lady director assures Thatcher’s family over Streep role

The Hollywood actress tackles the part of the U.K.’s first female prime minister in The Iron Lady, but rumours emerged earlier this year (11) suggesting Thatcher’s grown-up children Carol and Mark were “appalled” by the plot.

During a promotional event for the film in London on Monday (14Nov11), director Phyllida Lloyd reached out to the family to assure them about Streep’s portrayal of Thatcher.

She says, “I’m sure they view any attempt to put their mother on screen with trepidation, as I’m sure we all would.

“But I think that when they see Meryl’s performance they will understand how much care and attention to Lady Thatcher’s dignity she’s given it.

“I think Margaret Thatcher was a superstar in this country and I think we all felt we needed a superstar to play her, somebody of huge intelligence, passion and power and warmth.”

Lloyd adds that Streep took to the role with “astonishing ease and brilliance”.