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10 Kid-Friendly Movies and TV Shows Out Now or Coming Soon

Earlier this month we shared a roundup of all of the movies out in November, but what about good movies for kids?

We’re rounding up good movies and TV shows for kids available now on streaming platforms, or coming soon to movie theaters.


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The War With Grandpa
If you clicked on this article because you desperately need to get the kids out of the house and safely go to the movies, this one is for you.

The War With Grandpa follows a young boy named Peter (played by Oakes Fegley). After Peter’s Grandpa Jack (played by Robert De Niro) moves into the house, Peter is forced to give up his beloved bedroom for his Grandpa and is forced into the creepy attic.

Once close with his Grandpa, now Peter is determined to get his room back. With the help of his pals, Peter concocts elaborate plans to make his Grandpa give up the room.

The film is based on a 1984 book of the same name but puts a modern twist on the pranks found in the original book.

Rated PG, this silly comedy is sure to make the whole family laugh for a few hours. Check here to see if the movie is in theaters near you.

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Over The Moon
Need a family-friendly movie you can watch right now? Stream Over the Moon on Netflix.

This American=Chinese fantasy film released at the end of October follows a girl named Fei Fei (voiced by Cathy Ang) who learns about the legend of a moon goddess named Chang’e. Each year, her family makes mooncakes for the village in preparation for the annual Moon Festival.

Years after learning the story of Chang’e, and frustrated by her father’s new fiance (voiced by Sandra Oh), Fei Fei decides she wants to prove the existence of Chang’e and builds a rocket so she can travel to the moon and prove the goddess is real.

She ends up in the enchanting town of Lunaria. Interesting fact: the cover of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album was used as inspiration during the development of the town of Lunaria.

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The One and Only Ivan
Another good kids movie available now is The One and Only Ivan. This Disney+ original film was released in August. This kid’s movie is a mix of live-action and CGI animations.

The Disney movie is adapted from Katherine Applegate’s 2013 award-winning book of the same name about a special gorilla named Ivan (voiced by Sam Rockwell). The movie is a live-action film that brings the animals to life via CGI animation.

Ivan is 400 pounds and shares a home in a suburban mall with a few other animals, including a dog named Bob (voiced by Danny DeVito). He doesn’t have too many memories of the jungle he lived in before he was captured until a baby elephant named Ruby arrives at the mall habitat.

Ruby (voiced by Brooklynn Prince) was separated from her family in the wild. Her arrival makes Ivan question his life and where he comes from, which begins an exciting and heartfelt adventure.

Disney always does a good job of keeping adults entertained. With a star-studded cast including the voices of Angelina Jolie and Helen Mirren plus the real-life Bryan Cranston, it’s sure to be an entertaining escape from reality.


The Croods: A New Age
Just in time for Thanksgiving The Croods: A New Age is coming to theaters on November 25th,.

The world’s first family returns to the big screen with this sequel following the original 2013 Dreamworks film that is sure to be a hit for fans of the original animated flick.

Starring Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, and Leslie Mann, the sequel follows the Croods family as they search for a safer place to call home.

Along the way, they encounter another family called the Bettermans. The Bettermans appear to be more modern and high-tech than the Croods family. The film follows their rivalry and some unexpected challenges along the way.

With music by Mark Mothersbaugh, known for many other kids movie and TV show soundtracks including Rugrats, the film is sure to entertain both kids and adults.

Want to make a plan to head to the movies with the family? Set a reminder to grab your tickets here.


Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey
Is it too early to let your kids watch Christmas movies? We don’t think so, but maybe it’s time to mix it up with a new kid’s Christmas movie. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a new release on Netflix, just added on November 13th.

The film follows Jeronicus Jangle (played by Forest Whitaker), a legendary toymaker, who lost his love for the art of toy-making decades ago when his trusted apprentice (played by Keegan-Michael Key) betrayed him.

The eccentric toymaker finds new hope for his craft when his granddaughter Journey Jangle (played by Madalen Mills) comes into his life, ready for an adventure using a magical invention that has the power to change their lives forever.

The movie-musical embraces the magic of Christmas. With songs written by none other than John Legend, it’s sure to entertain the whole family.


Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas
Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas is a short Netflix special inspired by the newly released CGI-animated children’s TV series Mighty Express, which came to Netflix in September.

The Mighty Express series is the perfect show for young train enthusiasts. It’s set in the fictional town of Tracksville, where human adults have never existed and kids run the town. The kids run the Mighty Express trains, a set of intelligent talking trains, and the series follows their existing adventures. Consider it the 2020 version of Thomas The Tank Engine, without the grownups.

The 25-minute holiday special welcomes a new train that speeds into a snowstorm to deliver Santa’s presents and save Christmas for all of the kids in the town of Tracksville.


My Little Pony: Pony Life
Remember the My Little Pony franchise? It’s back with a new kid’s TV show called My Little Pony: Pony Life. The animated kid’s TV series premiered on Discovery Family earlier this month.

The adorable series follows the Mane 6, a colorful group of ponies, who all hang out at Sugarcube Corner.

The Mane 6 are best friends and run into all sorts of adorable and hilarious adventures relatable to modern kids.

Each episode is short and sweet and filled with nostalgia for any adult who used to play with the original toys.

You can stream My Little Pony: Pony Life on Hulu.


Raya and the Last Dragon
You’re going to have to wait a little longer for this one. Raya and the Last Dragon is set to be released in theaters in March 2021.

The Disney movie is set in the fantasy world of Kumandra. Long ago, humans and dragons peacefully lived alongside each other in this fantasy world. As monsters known as the Druun began to threaten the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity.

500 years later, the Druun have returned, putting all of humanity at stake. A young warrior named Raya is determined to track down the last remaining dragon to finally stop the Druun and save humanity. The movie follows her adventure, accompanied by her adorable sidekick, Tuk Tuk.

Keep watching Hollywood.com for updates on this film. In the meantime, watch the trailer here.


The Addams Family 2
Here’s another film to look forward to in 2021: The Addams Family 2. The family film is a sequel to the 2019 animated film, The Addams Family.

The film is expected to be released in October 2021 and follows the creepy and cooky family on more wacky adventures. The film is voiced by some big stars, including Chloë Grace Moretz, Charlize Theron, Bette Midler, Bill Hader, and even Snoop Dogg.

Keep watching Hollywood.com for updates on this upcoming film. In the meantime, watch the film teaser on our Youtube channel.


Clifford the Big Red Dog
Parents who grew up reading Clifford the Big Red Dog books will get a dose of nostalgia with the live-action and computer-animated family film slated to be released in November 2021.

The film stars Darby Camp, known for her role in Big Little Lies, as Emily Elizabeth. Emily discovers a small red puppy named Clifford who is destined to become her best friend. Just like in the classic books, Clifford grows to become a gigantic dog, attracting the attention of everyone, including a genetics company.

Emily and her uncle (played by Jack Whitehall) go on the run across New York City to escape the greedy company, all while learning the true meaning of acceptance and unconditional love.

There’s no trailer yet. Subscribe to our Youtube channel so you can be notified once it’s available.


We hope this list gave you a few new things to add to your watch list or even something to do with your family safely out of the house. Keep watching our page to get the scoop on the hottest new releases!

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