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11 Of The Most Troubling Disney Fan Theories Ever

When we think of Disney, we think of fairy-tales, princesses and dreams come true. However, if you dive deeper into the history of the company and the theories behind some of the most classic characters, then you’ll find that there are a lot of unsettling and disturbing things lurking below the sugary fun that we associate with Disney. Here are the most troubling Disney fan theories ever.

1. Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston killed Bambi’s mom.


Admittedly, this timeline doesn’t actually work if we think about these films in real time. After all, Bambi premiered in 1942 and Beauty and the Beast came out in 1991. However, tumblr user iseebrooke suggests that during the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast, the deer present is Bambi’s mom, and Gaston being the obnoxious hunter that he is killed her.

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2. Speaking of mothers, there are very few strong mothers in Disney films because Walt Disney never got over his own mother’s death.


According to Disney producer Don Hah, “In the early 1940s… [Disney] bought a house for his mom and dad to move into. He had the studio guys come over and fix the furnace, but when his mom and dad moved in, the furnace leaked and his mother died… He never would talk about it, nobody ever does. He never spoke about that time because he personally felt responsible.” This is apparently the terrible reason why very few Disney protagonists have a present maternal figure.

3. Boo from Monsters, Inc. is also the witch from Brave.

Brave, Disney, 040616

This sounds insane right?! But listen. The theory is that Boo became so obsessed with finding Sully again, that she figured out how to use wooden doors to time travel. She becomes a witch, not realizing that he was millennia ahead of her. So Boo goes backwards. Her love for Sully is actually the crux of the entire Pixar universe. According to tumblr user tastefullyoffensive, Boo is planting Easter eggs throughout all of the Pixar films because she doesn’t know how to control what time period she travels to. Not convinced?! Check out the carving in the witch’s cabin.

4. Peter Pan is a deranged psychopath.

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According to reddit user CZbwoi , Peter Pan actually kills the Lost Boys as they become adults and Captain Hook and his fellow pirates were actually Lost Boys who escaped Pan’s wrath. We could definitely see how this one works.

5. There was a secret murder in The Emperor’s New Groove.

This theory will surely throw you off your groove. In The Emperor’s New Groove, all of the animals that can talk (I.E.: Kuzco as a llama and Yzma as a cat) are actually human. According to Reddit user lish_9, neither of them are able to talk with other animals, like the squirrel who can only squeak and make gestures. When Kuszco is strolling through the forest in llama form, he came across a fly screaming “Help Me” before it’s eaten by spider. Kuzco says its the “the freakiest thing” he’s ever seen. We wonder if whoever the poor fly was fell victim to Yzma’s magical potions.

6. Frozen‘s Anna and Elsa aren’t actually sisters.

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Moviepilot’s Johnathan Sim suggests that not only are the women not sisters, but Elsa is actually Rapunzel’s twin sister. Unlike the rest of her brunette family, Elsa has silver blonde hair. Elsa and Anna’s parents, the King and Queen of Arendelle were killed traveling to a wedding. Sim says that that wedding was Rapunzel and Flynn’s. Rapunzel is 18 years old in Tangled and Frozen take place three years after Tangled. In Frozen, Elsa is 21. So Elsa was also 18 during Tangled. Still not convinced? Make sure you watch the video above.

7. Andy’s mom from Toy Story was the girl who abandoned Jessie

Emily, Toy Story 2, Disney, 040616

In Toy Story, we never actually learn Andy’s mom first name, but in Toy Story 2, we do see flashbacks of Jessie with her original owner, Emily. Both Emily and Andy’s mom have the same hair color and style, and Andy’s hat looks a lot like the one that Emily had. Check out our full write up on this heart-breaking theory here.

8. The Priest in The Little Mermaid totally gets a boner.

This isn’t so much a theory as it’s just real gross, but we thought we’d include it anyway since the evidence is quite clear. When Prince Eric nearly marries Ursula in The Little Mermaid, the Priest that’s officiating the ceremony gets a random boner. We have no idea why this occurs other than the fact that the animators just wanted to mess with us. Though they’d like us to believe the Priest just had a messed up knee. Um….OK.

9. The Beast was legit frozen in time


In Beauty and the Beast, the Beast is cursed for being obnoxious and rude AF. The enchantress says he has until his 21st year to find true love and break free, right? Well when Belle arrives to the castle, Lumiere says that everyone has been lying around rusting for a decade. However, the Beast couldn’t have been 11-years-old when he was cursed, the stain glass and all of the portraits of him look grown AF. Tumblr user The Little Disnerd suggests that, “He was frozen in time, as was everyone else in the castle, during the curse.”

10. Mother Gothel from Tangled and the Evil Queen from Snow White are the same person. 


Though the films are set over 70 years apart, there is certainly a striking resemblance between the two characters with the black hair and the green eyes. Also, they are both obsessed with getting rid of younger girls who are “fairer” than them. And, they both have dangers that look real similar. This makes some sense, or it could be that the peeps over at Disney were just too tired to come up with new characteristics for an evil, older lady.

11. Dopey from Snow White and Geppetto from Pinocchio are also the same person.

Snow White, Pinnochio, Disney, 040616

This theory is even more convincing if you ask us. Tumblr user dressupdollie says that not only do the two characters resemble one another but, they also came up with a rather convincing backstory. They say, “There were always 6 dwarves. Wandering around, they found a baby and thought it was a dwarf. ‘Dopey’ grew up with this ‘family’ that was holding him back (hitting him, making him do the hard labour). When he grew taller than them, they kicked him out and he walked all the way to Italy, where he started building up his own home. His abusive childhood also explains the strange clockworks he’s been making; a mother smacking her child, a drunk, a hunter and a turkey that almost gets decapitated.”  Makes sense to us.

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