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Everyone Is Now Only Two Degrees of Separation Away from Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon NumberI know you’ve sat around a bar and played the old “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game where you prove how every actor is somehow connected to Kevin Bacon based on their costars. Well, Google is now here to help. Go to search site (or just to that little bar that is probably at the top of this browser with the little G logo in it) and punch in any actors name followed by “Bacon Number”. How handy!

The problem is practically every actor you can think of is two degrees away from Kevin Bacon. Well, Mr. Bacon himself is a zero (I mean that literally, not figuratively) and anyone who has been in a movie with him (Denise Richards, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kevin Costner, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks) is a 1, but everyone else you can think of is only two degrees away. Check all these out.

ALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTALTSo far the only times I’ve managed to get someone with a Bacon Number higher than 2 is by going with someone who is really old (Al Jolson, Humphrey Bogart, Shirley Temple) or someone who hasn’t been in very many movies (Terrence Malick). All of those people earned a 3. The only time I’ve found someone with a 4 was Justin Bieber, someone who is not even an actor at all.

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Thanks, Google, for downgrading this to the “Two or Maybe One Degree of Kevin Bacon” game. But now we have a new game. It’s the “Who Is More Than Two Degrees Away from Kevin Bacon?” game. Let us know if you can stump Google’s joy-killing engine.

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