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Nick Jonas
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This past Wednesday, April 7, Nick Jonas, the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers and hubby to Priyanka Chopra, decided to participate in an AMA on the r/popheads subreddit.

Nick Jonas decided to participate in the AMA to chat one-on-one with fans as a follow-up to the release of Spaceman, his fourth studio album.

“How crazy has the last year been?” Nick Jonas asks Redditors. “Sitting at home, missing our loved ones, trying to understand the “new normal”… I made an album about everything I’ve felt the past year called Spaceman 🚀👨‍🚀. It’s been an awesome experience, from doing my own stunts in the ‘Spaceman’ music video, living the dream of double duty on SNL, and celebrating the return of baseball with my single ‘This Is Heaven’!”

Including a photo proving it was really him, fans were welcome to drop their “burning” questions.

See what fans asked!

What’s one thing Nick Jonas can’t live without?

“Insulin,” Nick Jonas says. It’s well known that Nick Jonas has been living with type 1 diabetes since he was 13. Nick Jonas’s wife “couldn’t wrap her brain around” how the star manages his condition.

What is Nick Jonas’s favorite way to consume potatoes?

“I prefer a baked sweet potato sliced down the middle (the long way). I then smother the interior with butter,” Nick Jonas explains. “I follow this up with a gentle mashing using a fork. Finally I sprinkle a bit of brown sugar over the mashed interior. Enjoy!”

YUM. Who’s going to try this at home?

Nick Jonas haircuts and…man buns?

Nick Jonas is known for his varying haircuts.

“You either have your hair very short or quite tall,” one fan remarked. “Is it a coincidence that you usually have short hair during a Nick Jonas album, and tall hair during a Jonas Brothers album? Also which hair style do you prefer and why?”

Nick Jonas said there are no coincidences, but then included a 😉 emoticon, saying “I like both hairstyles but the short hair is definitely easier to maintain on a day-to-day basis.”

But maybe his subconscious prefers a man bun?! One fan asked what the last dream he could remember was about, and he said that he dreamt that he had a man bun. “True story.”

About that famous “RED DREeEeSS” line in “Burnin’ Up”

Real Nick Jonas fans remember this part in “Burnin’ Up,” and one fan was curious if Nick Jonas knew how impactful that line would end up being, claiming people still tweet about it.

“I knew something felt good inside my soul when I recorded that line, but I couldn’t have anticipated that it would affect people the way it has in the past 13 years,” Nick Jonas says. “Can’t wait to get back on stage and hear the crowd sing it back to me sometime soon in the future.”

Us too! Who else is ready for a Nick Jonas concert?!

Favorite Nick Jonas songs on Spaceman?

“My favorite is probably a toss up between ‘This Is Heaven’ and ‘Death Do Us Part.’ Both are true expressions of where my head and heart were at during the time of writing this album,” Nick Jonas says, “and will hopefully serve as a soundtrack for other people’s lives with their loved ones.”

If Nick Jonas could only bring 3 things with him to space, what would they be?

The pop star’s top three choices were an Xbox for playing Golf 2K, a couple of good books, and Villa One, the famed Nick Jonas tequila of course!

Would Nick Jonas ever consider writing a musical?

After seeing Nick Jonas years ago in How to Succeed and Les Miserables, one fan asked if the pop star would ever consider writing his own.

“I would love to write a musical someday,” Nick Jonas answers. “Who knows, maybe I’ve already started…”

Perhaps the most important question of all…does pineapple belong on pizza?

“This is a real hot button issue and I know people are very passionate about this,” Nick Jonas says. “I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but if you like pineapple on your pizza you should have the freedom to order pineapple on pizza and not be judged for it.”

There you have it.

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