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Bad Bunny tickets are well worth the headache

Hey Hollywooders! We have some HollyGOOD news for music lovers: concerts are BACK!

Last Thursday, fans spent hours waiting to buy Bad Bunny tickets, dropping stacks of cash to enjoy Bad Bunny live in his 2022 tour “El Último Tour del Mundo.” 

After more than a year without experiencing live concerts, Ticketmaster wasn’t quite ready for all of the action––the concert ticket pre-sale crashed the site.

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“We’ve missed the excitement and buzz of a busy onsale, and appreciate everyone’s patience as we managed the huge volume Bad Bunny generated to get a record number of tickets into fans’ hands,” Ticketmaster shared with The L.A. Times. “Bad Bunny reminded us all of how much the live experience matters to fans, and we are thrilled to see such strong demand for live music.”

Ticketmaster is right about that. Listening to music or watching movies at home just doesn’t compare to live experiences. We’re all ready to get back to the movie theaters, to theme parks, and to concerts that bring Hollywood right to our hometown––including Bad Bunny’s 2022 tour.

Fans share their experience waiting on Bad Bunny tickets

Everyone seems to agree that Bad Bunny tickets aren’t cheap…but it seems to be worth the hefty price for big fans.

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Will lose our dignity to cop some Bad Bunny tickets

Regardless of your fluency, music is ~*universal*~

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Music also gets us in our feelings

I mean, I guess this is an appropriate replacement?!

Worth the wait.

What concerts are you looking forward to? Let us know on Twitter.

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